Land & right-of-way services

Securing land rights for your next project.

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Comprehensive real estate services

Atwell is a premier choice for comprehensive real estate services on a national scale. Our Land Solutions team brings real estate to the forefront of Atwell’s land development consulting services by supporting our clients to secure the rights they need in order to construct their projects. Our land services can be defined in three distinct offerings.

Our team supports the assessment, acquisition, and management of property and access rights necessary for infrastructure projects. Our services encompass site selection, landowner engagement, construction coordination, and permitting to ensure compliance and facilitate smooth project execution.

  • Site and route origination: Site selection is the first step in developing a successful project. Our team provides site selection, routing, and site origination support by applying our right-of-way expertise combined with GIS mapping. Our experience includes identifying areas of interest and points of interconnection for renewable energy development, routing for linear energy projects, and temporary construction routes and laydown areas.
  • Acquisition: When it comes to energy development, acquiring real estate rights isn’t just about securing easements. With more than 100 land associates across the US, our land services team represents our clients on every level of the process. We focus on a relationship-first approach while working with project landowners, educating them on our client, the project, and the benefit for them and the community at large.
  • Construction liaison: We support projects from initial site selection through construction and damage settlement. Our construction liaison approach starts with the relationships formed during the acquisition phase of the project. Our field team coordinates with our clients’ vendors from start to finish.
  • Non-environmental permitting: Securing rights to develop doesn’t stop at landowners. Our team supports non-environmental permitting through securing crossing and subordination agreements to create the best possible outcome for project success.

Energy projects involve complex challenges. Title research and understanding surface rights can play a crucial role in ensuring efficient acquisition and minimizing obstacles at the initial stages of project development.

  • Mineral title: Through our nationwide network of independent title abstractors, we can complete mineral title research within any region of the country. Our abstractors are skilled in examining the records and obtaining instruments of record to effectively develop mineral chains of title.
  • Surface title: Our nationwide network of independent title abstractors are experts in surface title research, whether the title is limited to the current vesting deed or a full surface title report is needed. Our team researches public records for documents to determine the current landowner’s information along with interests affecting the surface estate.

Our right-of-way support services encompass comprehensive document management, curative title solutions, meticulous due diligence processes, and payment management to ensure seamless land acquisition projects.

  • Document management: Atwell has a centralized Document Team that works in tandem with our land associates, title abstractors, and landowners. Our client-customized process ensures timely and accurate deliverables, including land ownership research, easements and agreements, and recording of executed documents.
  • Curative title: Navigating title review and curative title activities demands coordination, planning, and attention to detail. With two decades of curative title experience, our team supports clients’ projects at critical stages including pre-construction activities and financing. Our experience includes review, drafting, and community engagement to collect and secure the necessary documentation to meet our clients’ needs.
  • Due diligence: Our Land Solutions team is no stranger to energy transactions requiring real estate due diligence. We review real estate rights necessary for clients to effectively own and operate the purchased utility-scale wind and solar projects. We assist in evaluating the real estate documents, title policies, proformas, surveys, and estoppels that are part of these complex transactions.
  • Payment management: We understand the obligation of taking great care of customers, including our clients’ landowners. Our Landowner Payment and Customer Care Team supports our utility and energy clients through the processing of landowner payments and the maintenance of a call center to address landowner inquiries.

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