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A person carrying equipment walks through a vast field of tall dry grass under a clear blue sky. Tall powerlines and a large metal transmission tower stand in the background. A white barn is visible near the horizon.

Atwell provides expert guidance and support for renewable and conventional power infrastructure throughout North America.

50+ GW
renewable generation and energy storage projects energized
designed and permitted wind farms
5,000+ miles
new transmission lines permitted/designed/surveyed

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Renewable Generation

The nation’s progress toward a decarbonized electric system is expected to continue in the foreseeable future, as developers and others work to balance affordability, reliability, and sustainability goals. Renewable energy power plants are currently the fastest-growing energy source in the US, with solar and wind leading new power plant construction. Atwell offers comprehensive solutions for utility-scale solar, wind, and distributed energy resources, supporting the transition to a more sustainable energy landscape.


A person wearing an orange safety vest walks through a vast field of crops with multiple wind turbines in the distance against a clear sky, demonstrating real estate market expertise by assessing land use and sustainable energy potential.

Energy Storage

US demand for energy storage systems will grow sixfold by 2030. Having consulted on more than two gigawatts worth of energy storage projects, Atwell is a leader in the application and operation of these systems. We perform studies to evaluate the potential benefits of energy storage for clients, recommend sizes, and estimate economic impacts. Our solutions are designed to operate effectively in markets with irregular loads, addressing these challenges head-on. With the right battery energy storage systems (BESS), utilities can defer costly infrastructure expansions and provide more reliable power to communities. Our team can execute every step of the project, from feasibility to operation.


A large outdoor energy storage facility with numerous white, rectangular battery containers lined up in rows on a gravel surface. The containers, featuring yellow accents and various warning labels, exemplify real estate innovation. Sparse vegetation is visible in the background.

Generation Interconnection

Atwell has a long history of partnering with our utility and independent power producer clients through complex design and engineering renewable programs and projects. Many of these projects require a connection to the bulk electric system which Atwell makes possible through our transmission and substation capabilities.

Utility Power Delivery

We help our utility clients improve the quality, safety, and resiliency of power delivery with services to support every step of project development. The transition to clean energy and electrification has created an unprecedented need for new and expanded networks, system upgrades, and design innovations. Atwell has partnered with more than 65 utilities to expand operational capacity through new or upgraded substations, transmission, and distribution systems nationwide. Our professionals work as an extension of your team for planning and development, land acquisition, right of way (ROW), permitting, electrical engineering, and construction management. Our full-service program management and in-house EPC capabilities make the most of capital investments with seamless coordination of every phase and discipline. As a trusted partner in the industry, we work with you to align project outcomes with your overall goals.


Atwell’s distribution design and engineering team understands that owning and maintaining a local distribution system is unique when compared to other large energy projects. We approach each utility with intent on learning every nuance, preference, and process specific to that client to be successful. We understand that safety and the utility’s customer satisfaction are paramount, and we share those same priorities with how we approach every project. Our electrical distribution services team has the knowledge to solve your challenges, with extensive experience in a variety of project delivery methods. We can assist with specific engineering components or perform full turnkey engineer-procure-construct (EPC) projects. Whether you need to bring a new system online, relocate facilities, inspect and inventory distribution assets, manage pole attachments and make-ready, or assess and recover from storm damage, our team has the experience you need to be successful. By understanding the need for current and future load demands on the system, you can better allocate resources and investments to implement upgrades and expansions to the grid. We help identify critical areas for improvement, set priorities to maximize impacts to the system, and implement solutions through design and construction.


Atwell offers comprehensive substation design and engineering services, from 4kV to 500kV, covering conceptual, brownfield, and greenfield projects. Our experienced team manages large-scale projects, relay upgrades, and advanced steel structure analyses, ensuring NERC and CIP compliance. We specialize in AIS and GIS substations, renewable generation, and interconnection agreements, providing utilities with interconnection system evaluations and cost estimates. Our in-house experts in system planning, structural engineering, protection, and control are continuously trained and connected to industry trends, ensuring top-tier service and innovative solutions.

A sprawling landscape featuring a power substation in the foreground with multiple wind turbines scattered across the fields in the background. The scene blends agricultural land and renewable energy infrastructure, reflecting real estate market knowledge of sustainable technology integration in rural areas.


Atwell excels in analyzing aging transmission infrastructure in the U.S. and designing new transmission lines through a multi-faceted approach that includes cost estimating, conceptual design, and electrical studies for projects ranging from 35kV to 500kV. Our experienced team supports utilities with rebuilds, reinforcements, storm hardening, resiliency, renewable integration, fire mitigation, and reliability efforts. We emphasize clear communication of project constraints and solutions to avoid budget overruns. Our engineers and designers, skilled in both underground and overhead transmission lines, offer innovative hybrid solutions to enhance efficiency and mitigate risk. Continuous training and industry engagement enable us to leverage emerging trends and vendor relationships for cost-effective project execution.

Two workers in high-visibility jackets and hard hats, embodying RE Market Expertise, stand in an open field near tall metal power transmission towers. The towers are connected by power lines, set against a backdrop of cloudy skies and distant mountains.

Turnkey Fiber Solutions

Atwell supports transforming communication infrastructure through turnkey fiber solutions, offering comprehensive services from material lists and costing to design, engineering, and complete construction packages. With deep expertise in NESC compliance, make-ready engineering, and advanced software proficiency, we ensure precise and efficient project execution. Our team handles make-ready analysis, small cell power supply service design, and acts as an owner’s engineer for large-scale fiber build-outs, ensuring all installations meet industry standards. We support clients with FTTX projects, optimizing network efficiency and coverage, and delivering reliable and innovative solutions for the digital age.

A worker in a bucket lift is expertly repairing or maintaining a utility pole with numerous overhead wires against a clear, blue sky. The worker is wearing safety gear including a helmet and orange reflective vest, showcasing their RE market expertise.

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Our Power & Renewable Energy experts are located across the country, providing services wherever you need them.

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Our Power & Renewable Energy experts are located across the country, providing services wherever you need them.

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