Atwell and TVA Architects build the future for Advantis Credit Union, despite environmental and pandemic delays

A construction worker wearing a white hard hat and a yellow safety vest labeled "ATWELL" stands on a construction site with dug-out ground sections. The worker, associated with TVA Architects, shields their eyes from the sun. Trees and equipment are visible in the background.


Not even global delays could stop Atwell from delivering the exact major vision our client was looking for.

Atwell and TVA Architects teamed with Advantis Credit Union to design their corporate headquarters in Oregon City, Oregon. The credit union’s new headquarters consolidated three separate offices into one modern campus, totaling over 76,000 square feet and sitting on more than 12 acres of land. Atwell provided planning and engineering services for this exciting project, which not only respects the history of the community but also brings opportunities for current and future employees and the surrounding area.

Atwell got to work knowing that Advantis had one overarching mission in mind: to keep jobs in the community while maintaining an essential link between the members of the credit union and their administration. It was also a high priority, to both Atwell and the client, that the design be sustainable in order to maintain the plentiful farming roots of the area. To preserve the integrity of the former agricultural nursery site, the teams collaborated on creating access to walking trails and on-site recreational amenities to foster creativity, open-air collaboration, and a modern campus experience for employees and administration.

The team overcame several challenges, such as starting the project at the height of the pandemic, which included working through the obstacles of crew and material shortages and strict quarantines. The project site itself posed other hurdles that the Atwell design engineering team surmounted, such as off-site stormwater challenges both upstream and downstream of the property, coupled with limited municipal conveyance. These global and environmental setbacks didn’t stop Atwell from delivering excellence and expertise. Through optimal use of city-approved stormwater best-management practices and maximizing the available systems to transport on-site and off-site water, the team was able to overcome these shortages and challenges.

Ultimately, the Atwell team was able to stay true to our company values of being creative and bold, while putting the client first and delivering an outstanding outcome. Additionally, the region was supported through local jobs for a credit union that supports the surrounding community.

Brady Berry, Associate Director of Real Estate and Land Development, stated, “This project was a great effort by a collaborative team to provide a space and environment that makes going to work a pleasure for the employees. I thoroughly enjoyed working through the opportunities, challenges, and roadblocks while delivering excellent results alongside the design and execution teams!”

This project is yet another example of the way Atwell values are put into practice each day. Through collaborative teamwork, a client-first mindset, and thorough communication, Advantis Credit Union continues to be a staple within the community as well as a supporter of the local agricultural industry.