Culture at Atwell

Our brand is driven by our people.

Two men are playing table tennis indoors. The man in the foreground is out of focus, holding a paddle and serving. The man in the background, wearing a blue shirt, is smiling and returning the serve. Various photos are displayed on the wall behind them, capturing moments of shared culture.

We hire great people. Period.

Atwell is a business of passionate people. To us, the right cultural fit is just as important as the right technical fit. We encourage our people to be bold and solve the problems they care most about without being constrained by profit centers. Our diverse workforce is what makes us successful, and our culture is a large driver of our low turnover rate.

A group of nine people, covered in mud, proudly pose together outdoors after completing an obstacle race. They all wear white shirts, shorts, and medals around their necks. Trees and a grassy area are visible in the background.
A group of ten people wearing matching red "Atwell" shirts pose in a gym. One person in the middle holds a basketball net above their head. They are standing in front of a blue wall with a white banner above. They all appear to be happy and celebrating.
A group of people dressed in winter gear, including helmets and ski goggles, pose for a photo on a snowy ski slope. They are holding skis and poles. Trees and a ski lift are in the background, with clear blue skies above.
A large group of people stands together for a photo outside a building with brown shingles and white trim. The background includes trees, and a fence is visible in the foreground. Everyone appears to be smiling, with some people wearing formal attire.
A group of six people are standing under a white canopy at a golf course. Five of them are wearing matching floral shirts and gray shorts, and one is in the center wearing a black shirt and blue shorts. They are holding cups and smiling. Golf clubs are in their hands.
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A diverse group of fifteen people, smiling and posing for a photo at an indoor golf driving range. They stand on a platform with a TopGolf marker visible to the left. The people appear to be having a good time, enjoying the nighttime atmosphere.
A group of people is outdoors on rocky terrain, posing for a photo with a banner that reads "ATWELL" and includes a tagline and the website "" Most members are wearing white ATWELL t-shirts. Trees and greenery are in the background.

Be part of our success story

Ready to make an impact? We offer opportunities for you to grow, lead, and succeed. Join the Atwell team.

Collaboration is more than a buzzword

At Atwell, we help each other succeed. We work together across disciplines to provide industry knowledge and technical expertise, all while instinctively managing critical issues like quality, safety, and results.

Our passion is what drives our long-lasting client relationships. When our teams work together on your behalf, remarkable things happen.


Atwell’s values

Our talented team members are inspired by complex challenges, anticipate our clients’ needs, and deliver beyond what’s expected. Our values are the foundation of our culture.

  1. Always do the right thing.
  2. Pursue continuous improvement.
  3. Be bold. Be creative. Be unafraid to try.
  4. Be passionate in everything we do.
  5. Do work that makes us proud.
  6. Serve as an advisor to our clients to help them make better decisions.
  7. Be the employer of choice within the markets we serve.
  8. Be committed to a standard of health and safety excellence.
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Featured initiatives


Diversity, equity, inclusion + belonging (DEI+B)

Our company is comprised of individuals with a unique set of strengths, goals, and passions. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where team members can bring their authentic selves to work. We are dedicated to creating a culture of kindness, where employees embrace their differences and come together for a collective impact. At our core, we believe that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas to solve complex problems.


Corporate sustainability + ESG

As part of corporate sustainability efforts, we have created an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) plan that embodies the strong work that we’re already doing, formalizes it under a unified strategy, and sets the framework for the future.

By aligning our business practices with ESG values, we unlock new opportunities for innovation, growth, and long-term value creation. Most importantly, we leave a positive impact that extends far beyond the balance sheet – a legacy of sustainability and responsibility. ESG is a commitment to our clients, employees, and communities.


Commitment to health and safety

Health and safety are our top priorities. As an employee-focused organization, we work in collaboration with all teams to ensure our systems and procedures mitigate risk and are accessible to all employees. We’re committed to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, clients, and the public.

Atwell Gives Foundation 

Our company has a history of supporting the communities where we live and work by contributing to meaningful causes and initiatives that promote positive social impact. The Atwell Gives Foundation has been developed to build an inclusive employee experience and a culture of pride while making a positive difference in the lives of people (or animals) who need it most. Atwell Gives includes the following four components:

  • Employee volunteer efforts
  • Local office/team giving
  • Corporate giving
  • Disaster response and relief